QCare ANAESTHESIA supports the clinical workflow and electronic documentation of anaesthesia care from the simplest to the most complex surgical cases. Our anaesthesia module covers the full Peri-operative workflow including:


QCare Premedication (Pre-operative assessment)

QCare Anaesthesia Record

QCare Recovery (PACU)


QCare is fully configurable and supports the specific workflows for the clinical anaesthesia department.


Features of QCare ANAESTHESIA


  • Supports efficiency throughout the anaesthesia clinical documentation
  • Covers the full Peri-operative workflow from Pre-operative assessment to Post Anaesthesia care unit (PACU)/Recovery
  • Centralises all anaesthesia patient data
  • Provides a user interface designed for the anaesthesiologist
  • First of kind Full Touch-screen interface simplifying the documentation and workflow experience
  • Assists the anaesthesiologist through the complete documentation process
  • Automated vital signs and medical device data collection
  • Integration to HIS and Scheduling systems (Theatre management systems)
  • Anaesthesia reporting for quality of care and business metrics tailored to each anaesthesia department’s needs.
  • Quality Assurance and Research