QCare PDMS is a complete electronic workflow based documentation solution and an advanced clinical decision support designed to improve clinical outcomes in the Hospital. Our solutions supports the complete continuum of care workflow including Emergency Department, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and from IMC to all the General Wards in the Hospital.

QCare supports clinicians and nursing staff at many critical decision points. The QCare PDMS Suite uniformly supports the charting, analysis, interpretation and presentation of critical patient data throughout this continuum.

It centralises and organises patient data such as admission documents, vital signs, labs, and nursing/medical notes to put needed clinical information front and centre. QCare PDMS transforms patient data into actionable information for caregivers, thereby promoting more informed decisions and enhancing the quality of patient care.

Our QCare modules can be applyed independently in each specific department. As your Hospitals electronic patient record demands and requirements grow, QCare can expand and work seamlessly together to support this development. This creates a true Continuum of Care.

The following QCare modules are available:


  • QCare ER (Emergency Department)
  • QCare AR (Anaesthesia)
  • QCare ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
  • QCare NURSING (Hospital Wards)
  • QCare MOBILE (Tablet)


HIM Bilder PDMS 030615

Features of QCare PDMS


  • Centralises patient data so caregivers have access everywhere to the information they need to make crucial care decisions
  • Simplifies clinical workflow with a complete documentation suite
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • A user interface designed for ease of use
  • Full Touch-screen interface simplifying the documentation and workflow experience
  • Integrates seamlessly into the Hospital IT infrastructure
  • Interfaces all medical devices
  • Structured Clinical and Management Reporting for quality of care and business metrics tailored to each department’s needs